Fulltime high purity solvents and reagents are produced for specific purpose with advanced purification and control technology by multi-steps process combined chemical and physical treatment, as well as high efficiency distillation and other purification process. The solvents and reagents have 8 series, including ACS, HPLC/ACS, HPLC/PREP, HPLC/SPECTRO, HPLC PLUS/RESI, ANHYDROUS, BIO/ULTRA LOW WATER and LC/MS. They are the ideal choice for GC, HPLC, LC/MS, UV-VIS, spectroscopy, trace metal analysis, pesticide residue, drug synthesis, organic synthesis, organometallic synthesis, peptide synthesis, oligonucleotide synthesis, automated DNA synthesis, Electrophoresis, sequencing and extraction. Fulltime controls the quality of any lots solvent from raw material, production and packaging. Offer excellent lot-to-lot consistency. Ensure solvents quality stability and lot-to-lot consistency. It can effective to avoid quality problems caused by lot-to-lot differences or solvent pollution.
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