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Anhui Fulltime specialized solvents & reagents Co., Ltd.security standardization work was steadily done.

In accordance with provincial and municipal security requirements, Anhui Fulltime special solvent Co., Ltd. formally established the leading group of security standardization work in early April this year, the drafting work on the standardization on security and mobilization meetings, arrangement; organization of training ; a clear division of this work were done: Chairman ZhouPei, general manager of Sun Naiyue and members of safe environment Department work closely with other departments. At present, the work is moving forward steadily.
      Corporate security standardization was carried out in five phases, the first phase is to carry out assessment of initial state  (4.15-5.05); the second phase is to plan and do risk analysis (5.06-6.06); the third stage is to revise and improve the safety management system standard (6.07-7.01); the fourth stage of production is to do for the operation of safety standard (7.02-7.30); the fifth stage the standardization organizations, self-assessment (8.01-8.30).

     As far as May, the first phase of the initial state assessment has been completed, and the ministry issued a safety evaluation report and recommendations for improvements, then we planed for the next step and provided an accurate basis for risk analysis. Currently, the company has entered the second and the third security standard. The implementation of the work was done by the relevant departments and personnel in strict accordance with the time node operation. The company will continuously check, supervise and assess on the activities. Company has full confidence in completing the work before September 1st.

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