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Anhui Fulltime was named 2009 hundred private enterprises in Anqing City

 According to the Office of the Secretary should Zheng Ban [2010] No. 73 "on the disclosure of private enterprises in 2009 hundreds of sort of Anqing City, the result of the notice", Anhui Fulltime special solvent Co., Ltd. was led by the Federation of Anqing City, Letter Committee, State Tax Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau, Municipal Bureau of Commerce in 2009 and carried out jointly hundred private enterprises sort of Anqing City. The work was ranked as the top ten. The ranking is based on the municipal government spirit of the document, and tax is the main indicator. Income is the reference Indicator, and Marketing is standard. This is in the examined and verified by all departments to report to the Municipal in the county (city), district and private enterprises. The Government agrees that announcement.
   Anhui Fulltime special solvent Co., Ltd.was rated hundred private companies, which shows the company's market competitiveness and further enhancement.
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